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MPSC Gets Involved in the PIPP Controversey

The drama continues regarding the energy crisis in the Upper Peninsula, specifically with the Presque Isle Power Plant. The Michigan Public Service Commission has now directed Wisconsin Electric Power Company to show cause as to why it should not be prohibited to suspend operations at the Presque Isle Power Plant. The MPSC says there have been numerous filings in proceedings at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission addressing the severity of the situation in the Upper Peninsula with regard to the distribution and reliability of electric supply, and the future role of the PIPP in that supply. The MPSC noted that Wisconsin Electric has an obligation to serve the customers in its territory, but currently the utility is unable to provide the Commission with assurance of a reliable supply of electric service, given it has publically announced its intention to retire the PIPP despite the mines’ return as customers. The MPSC is requesting that Wisconsin Electric appear for a prehearing conference on Feb. 25 at the Commission’s Lansing office.

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