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MTU Board Approves Tuition Hike, Lauds Mroz

Undergraduate tuition rates at Michigan Tech will rise 3.8-percent for Michigan residents for the next academic year. The increase was part of the 213-million dollar budget approved this morning by the university’s Board of Trustees. The increase is within the range proposed by Governor Rick Snyder. Undergraduate tuition for non-residents will rise 4.4-percent. Graduate student tuition will increase by six percent. Financial aid for students was increased by nearly 10 percent. Graduate students who have served in the military, or as AmeriCorps or Peace Corps volunteers, will now be eligible for reduced rates.


The Board expressed its thanks to outgoing President Glenn Mroz, and granted him the title President Emeritus. Mroz has led the university since 2004, and is stepping down to return to the classroom. Brenda Ryan was elected board chair, and Bill Johnson will serve as vice chair.

Proposals for three new graduate programs were approved. A PhD program in statistics, a master of science program in statistics and a master of science program in applied statistics still need to be okayed by the state academic affairs officers.

For more on today’s Board of Trustees meeting, click here.

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