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Nassiri Takes Stand in Murder Trial

The murder trial of Nima Nassiri will continue this morning. During yesterday’s proceedings, Houghton County Prosecutor Michael Makinen called Marquette General pathologist Dr. John Weiss to the stand, who spoke about the evidence of brain hemorrhaging that he found during the autopsy. He also spoke about discovering many large bruises all over the victims body. Dr. Weiss added that he believes severe trauma caused the hemorrhaging which ultimately led to Senaz Nezami’s death. Houghton County Sheriff’s Office Det. Sgt. Tom Rosemurgy was also called to the stand by Makinen and he showed the jury his interview between him and Nassiri. During the interview, Nassiri talked about what happened that night where he says “he lost it”.

Defense attorney David Gemignani asked Sgt. Rosemurgy about the data that was extracted from the electronic devices that were found at Nassiri’s home.

After the prosecution rested its case, Gemignani called Nassiri to the stand and began to discuss his relationship with his wife. Nassiri says his wife was very passive about his feelings and mental instability. He says she even suggested having an open marriage, which he opposed. He adds that she was conscious and walking as he called police and emergency personel. However, according to Nassiri, she fainted shortly after and began to vomit and becoming unresponsive. Nassiri says he did not think that what he did would lead to her death.

The trial is expected to last the entire week. If convicted, Nassiri could face life in prison.

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