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Senator Gary Peters and Governor Gretchen Whitmer Reject Proposed Ruling on Abortion Medication

District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of the Northern District of Texas issued a ruling on Friday, suspending the FDA’s 23 year old approval of the common abortion pill, Mifepristone. He has paused his ruling for 7 days so the federal government can appeal. US State Senator for Michigan, Gary Peters, released this statement only hours later: 

“This ruling is dangerous and cruel. Medication abortion is a safe, widely-used form of reproductive health care that’s been available to Americans for more than 20 years. While this is a major setback, I won’t stop fighting to protect access to this essential care and every American’s right to make these extremely personal, private decisions without interference from politicians or judges.”

Governor Whitmer supported his sentiment as well,

“Today, an extreme federal judge in Texas who is out-of-step with the majority of Michiganders and Americans has attempted to ban mifepristone, one of the most common abortion medications that has been approved by the FDA, prescribed, and safely used for decades. 

Mifepristone gives people the freedom to choose when or how to start a family. If today’s ruling takes effect, over 64 million Americans, including millions of Michiganders, may effectively be prevented from accessing the drug. Despite this ruling, I want to be clear: abortion, including medication abortion, remains safe and legal in the state of Michigan. 

We must continue using every tool in our toolboxes to fight back against these relentless assaults on reproductive health care. In November, Michiganders made their voices heard at the ballot box to protect reproductive freedom, and we must ensure that their fundamental rights are protected. Let’s continue fighting like hell to make sure every Michigander has control over their own body and can start a family when and if they are ready.” 

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