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Phi Kappa Tau Reclaims Statue Title

As another major snowstorm rolls in, it’s great to see the amazing statues that Michigan Tech students can make with all the white stuff falling from the sky.

Judging of the Winter Carnival snow statues took place Thursday morning, following the annual All-Nighter.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it took a month for Phi Kappa Tau to build their 1st Place finishing Roman inspired landscape.

“The theme was STEM—so science, technology, engineering, math—and the Romans came up with a ton of technological innovations that are still influencing us today,” said senior Biomedical Engineering major Alex Oliver, who said the fraternity was motivated to put in the extra effort needed to recreate the ancient city.

“We won nine out of the last eleven years and last year we got second place, so I think that put a little fire under us to make the best statue we possibly could this year,” said Oliver.

Alpha Sigma Tau won 1st place in the women’s division.

There were three divisions in the month-long competition—men, women and co-ed. Prizes were awarded to the top three statues in each division. The top three scores among all the statues were placed in the “Overall Month Long” section. This year, the top three scores in the men’s division were also the top three in the overall division.

Second place in the overall division went to last year’s winner Tau Kappa Epsilon for “In Frigid Fields Carved From Snow, A Nation’s Progress Has Yet to be Slow.” Third place again this year went to Delta Sigma Phi, “Paradigm Shifts in These Snowy Drifts.”

In the women’s division, Alpha Sigma Tau grabbed the top spot with “Ford Frozen in Time.” Second place went to Theta Chi Epsilon for “Women of the Past Who Proved the Possibilities are Vast,” while last year’s women’s division winner Delta Phi Epsilon took third place.

The team of Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau took first place in the Co-Ed division with “The Kennedy Space Center.” They were followed by Delta Zeta and Delta Upsilon in second place for “Magic School Bus”. Third place in the Co-Ed division went to the Four Wheelers of Michigan Tech for “Parking Garage.”

For the third straight year, St. Albert the Great University Parish was the overall winner in the All-Nighter competition. They also took the top spot in the Co-Ed Division. Construction in the division began at 4 p.m. Wednesday and ended at 9 a.m. Thursday.

The Society of Women Engineers placed second overall and best among the women’s division, while the Lutheran Collegians, competing in the Co-Ed division, took third place overall in the All-Nighter contest.

Treehouse took the top spot in the Men’s Division of the All-Nighter competition, followed by Sleepy Hollow and more in second and Toll House in third.

Phi Delta Chi was runner-up in the Women’s Division and Pavlis Honors College was awarded third place in the Co-Ed Division.

More information on Winter Carnival is available on https://www.mtu.edu/carnival/2019/

Here are all of the results from the Month-Long & All-Nighter Statue Contests:

All Nighter Statue Scores 2019

Month Long Statue Scores

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