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Pre-Charrette held in Dee Stadium

The City of Houghton held a pre-charrette meeting last Tuesday and Wednesday. The brainstorming session looked at the downtown chapter in the city’s master plan. Craig Waddell, a resident of Houghton, had this to say about the chance to talk with city officials on even footing. 

Today and yesterday, its been nice to speak more freely and not be restricted. It’s much less formal. The city council allows for public comments at the beginning, many city’s allow comments also at the end, so that would be a nice change. The planning commission has had a more flexible public participation policy, where they allowed people to participate throughout the meeting. The point of the pre-charrette, is to prepare for a full charrette, which would involve many, many more people. And that is a more extensive process, which I guess from our discussion would happen sometime next spring.

The Houghton downtown chapter is still not finished, and the ideas at this meeting could go a long way in future developments for the city.

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