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Pretrial Set for Fake Windmill Salesman

The pre-trial hearing for a windmill salesman accused of swindling customers in the Upper Peninsula has been delayed. 57-year old Billy Lee Parish of Kincheloe is charged with larceny by conversion greater than $20,000. He is now scheduled for a pretrial conference hearing on April 24 in Delta County Circuit Court to decide whether to go to trial or make a plea. According to the Escanaba Daily Press, Parish is suspected of scamming nearly $100,000 from about 45 customers from throughout the Upper Peninsula. He fled the area in late 2011 after police questioned him about the fraudulent sales complaints. Police say Parish solicited homeowners to purchase electricity-generating windmills. He took a minimum $2,000 down payment then partially completed the work or, in some cases, took the money and never returned. Parish is being held on a $10,000 bond.

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