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Road Agencies to Expand Wing Plow Use

This winter, snow plows in Houghton and Baraga counties will have a different look. MDOT and county road commissions will be expanding wing plow use in an effort to plow snow more efficiently. Wing plows are typically deployed on the right side of a standard plow truck, extending the plow’s reach and allowing a driver to clear about 14 feet in one pass instead of 9-10 feet. Using the wing plow, crews can clear both the travel lane and shoulder in one pass, thus reducing the number of passes needed to clear the road during and after a winter snow event. This improves service while cutting labor, equipment and fuel costs. MDOT officials still want to remind motorists to never attempt to pass a moving snowplow on the right whether a wing plow is being used or not as it is illegal and dangerous. However, the new systems are designed to make the wing plow much more visible.

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