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Snyder Proposes New Budget

Governor Rick Snyder has proposed a new state budget for next year that totals 54 billion dollars. The proposal includes a significant increase in education funding, translating to about 75 dollars per pupil. That would bring Michigan’s total per pupil foundation grant to 73-hundred-26 dollars per student. And publicly funded universities in Michigan would receive a two percent increase under the proposal. And to no ones surprise, the governor also wants to increase spending on trades training and career technical education. The governor is also announcing that 300 million dollars is being cut from this year’s budget because of a revenue shortfall. The state Democratic party chair wasted no time in criticizing the budget, saying it (quote) “calls for more sacrifice from middle class families, seniors and kids, while corporations and those at the top continue to enjoy (tax breaks).” The budget must still be approved by the legislature. Details on the budget here:

• 113 million dollars in general fund spending to match federal dollars for Michigan roads.
• 83 million dollars in skilled trades training
• 7.7 million dollars to train 75 new Michigan State Police troopers.
• 21.8 million dollars to expand the Healthy Kids Dental Program in Wayne, Oakland and Kent counties, and 23 million dollars to incrase health care provider payments
• 29 million dollar increase for community colleges, although much will go to the school employee retirees
• 29 million dollar increase for cities, villages and townships
• 95 million dollar increase for the state’s savings account, nicknamed the “rainy day” fund, which brings the fund to just over 600 million by the end of the 2016 fiscal year.

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