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Snyder Says MI Will Make “Comeback”

GOV SNYDERMichigan is the comeback state. That was the tagline for Governor Rick Snyder as he delivered his fourth State of the State Address last night before a joint session of the House and Senate. During his message, the governor talked about the state’s budget surplus and how there could be some sort of tax relief.

While he was not specific in what form that tax relief would come in, he did say he wants to ease the tax burden on the (quote) “hard working folk.” Snyder also used the opportunity to highlight some successes. Among those accomplishments the governor cited were improved job growth, increased home sales and prices, and two consecutive years of population growth. He also cited a recent report that says Michigan led the nation in increased spending on early childhood education and called for more spending on early education to make Michigan “a no wait state” for early childhood education. He also noted that K-12 per pupil funding has increased $660 dollars over the past three years. The governor also said he would like to encourage legal immigration into the state.

Snyder also echoed last year’s call that lawmakers find more funding to repair the state’s ailing roads.

The governor did make a brief mention of the bankruptcy in Detroit.

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