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Snyder Signs Bills; Lauds House Detroit Bailout Approval

Snyder Signs Bills; Lauds House Detroit Bailout Approval – May 23, 2014 – Todd VanDyke
Governor Rick Snyder signed several bills into law yesterday. The first waives some fees for veterans who are applying for occupational licenses. The second directs the Michigan Department of Community Health to develop a standard release form for the exchange of confidential mental health and substance use disorder information for use by public and private health care organizations. The third allows a parent to submit a victim’s impact statement in cases in which a child involved in a crime is now an adult… but was still a minor at the time the crime occurred.

Snyder also hailed the approval by the State House of a 195-million dollar financial gift to help bail Detroit out of bankruptcy… SKUBIK. The money is part of what’s being called the “Grand Bargain.” The deal also includes more than 300-million dollars being raised privately… much of which will prevent the collection of the Detroit Art Institute from being auctioned to pay the city’s debts. Democratic Representative Scott Dianda voted against the sections of the package that allocated the money… but did vote in favor of the parts that established continued state oversight of Detroit’s finances.

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