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Snyder Signs Voting, Homestead Tax Legislation

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a series of bills he says will make the election process more accountable in Michigan. The legislation will require the Secretary of State to crosscheck voter registration records with Social Security death records on a monthly basis. It will also require electronic voting systems to utilize paper ballots for tabulation, to establish a backup record. Absentee voters will be able to cancel a ballot they have submitted, and replace it with a new one. Absentee ballots will not be counted until the polls are open on election day. The fee for recounts requested by candidates will be increased from 150-dollars to 250-dollars.

Snyder also signed legislation providing additional corporate veil protection to partners in an LLP. Individuals who move into assisted living facilities will be able to maintain the homestead property tax exemptions on their residences, providing no one else occupies the residence.

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