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State funding reinstated for Houghton pier

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has recommitted to provide a grant for the construction of a new pier in Houghton. The project was originally approved in 2019 with construction scheduled for spring 2020. The MEDC redirected those funds towards COVID-19 relief before it could begin. 

The new agreement will see the city responsible for approximately $776,000 with the state kicking in $2.8 million. Those figures come from Councilman Daniel Salo following a presentation at Wednesday’s meeting by City Manager Eric Waara. Mayor Pro Tem Robert Megowan says the pier will allow the city to take advantage of recent travel trends.

This brings back all the old history. The boats that used to come into Houghton…that’s where they parked. Way back when. The great steamers that dropped all the people off who would come up, the tourists. Great Lakes tourism is slowly coming back and we don’t have a port for it.

Waara suggested the city refrain from using debt to finance its share of the project. He recommended a mix of general obligation funds and money from the budgets of city departments which stood to benefit from the pier. The proposal was accepted by the council.

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