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Legal Review Affirms Commission’s Authority to Ban Capitol Guns

A second legal opinion has confirmed the position taken by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel that the Michigan State Capitol Commission has the authority to ban guns in the capitol building.

The commission generally concerns itself with benign issues such as capitol building maintenance. It was thrust into the spotlight after demonstrators armed with rifles took seats in the state house gallery during a legislative debate in early May.

With Nessel’s opinion already in hand a few days later, members of the commission voted to spend $5,000 to have an outside attorney conduct an independent study. That online meeting was cut short, when protesters began posting threats.

The review by attorney Gary Gordon was released this week.

The commission will now consider the situation, with some members eager to enact a ban, and others wary about the potential costs for screening visitors, and of the inevitable expensive lawsuit that will be filed by Second Amendment proponents if a ban is enacted.

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