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November Ballot Proposals Reviewed

With all the discussion about the numerous candidates in the election, a couple of state ballot issues have been somewhat overlooked.

Proposition One would revise the formula for how money from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and the State Park Endowment Fund can be spent.

Those formulas are set in the state constitution.

The proposal has received bipartisan support from Upper Peninsula lawmakers. The new formulas would increase the money available for construction projects, which they say will increase recreation opportunities.

There’s no organized opposition, although some critics are concerned that shift toward investment in projects will take money away from the purchase of land that deserves protection.

Proposition Two would require police to obtain search warrants for electronic communications data, basically giving it the same protection as physical facilities from unreasonable search and seizure.

Courts have increasingly applied this standard anyway, but this proposition would codify it.

There has been no organized opposition to Proposition Two.

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