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Open Carry Ban at Polls Thrown Out

An order issued by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel banning open carry for firearms at polling places on Tuesday has been struck down.

Yesterday, Michigan Court of Claims Chief Judge Christopher Murray issued a preliminary injunction based on a technicality, saying that Nessel had not followed proper procedure in establishing the rule.

Nessel had argued that there was not enough time to go through regular channels, and that the ban was necessary because of the recent threats against state government, and the alleged attempt to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Nessel has promised to appeal the ruling.

Some sheriffs have already said they will not enforce it. The ban did not apply to those with concealed carry permits.

The ruling does not mean anyone can carry a gun to the polls on Tuesday. State law already prohibits firearms in certain buildings that may serve as voting locations, including churches.

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