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Students Take Flight At Summer Youth Program

More than 20 students are spreading their wings and learning to fly this summer.

Flight training during this week’s Summer Youth Program at Michigan Tech taught the basics of flying an airplane to 18 international students and three from the United States.

The international students are from South Korea, part of a group of 102 students from that country to take part in the summer programs this year.

Flight Instructor Jack Hartmann is thrilled to share his experience with these young pilots.

16-year-old Zbigniew Bell is getting his first flying lesson.

The students begin learning on a computer simulation of a Cessna-172…and then they move on to the Houghton County Memorial Airport where they actually get to fly a real plane.

The instructor guides the student through take off and once up in the air, he hands the controls over.

The experience is simply hard to describe.

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