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Take the HEET Winterization Challenge: January is Caulking Month

HOUGHTON—The Houghton Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) is challenging all Houghton County homeowners to tighten up their houses for 2016. This month’s project: caulk your windows, doors and floor trim.

“If your New Year’s resolutions involve saving money or energy or both, the HEET Winterization Challenge will get you there,” said Melissa Davis, HEET energy manager. “For starters, caulking leaks in your home will go miles and miles toward increasing your comfort and reducing heat bills.”

The Winterization Challenge could also benefit the entire community. Houghton County is one of 50 regions nationwide competing for the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize, which challenges local governments to rethink their energy use and implement creative strategies to increase energy efficiency.

Three area hardware stores are offering promotions on caulking supplies throughout the month, including Swift True Value, Festival Foods True Value and Ace of Calumet.

Each of the store displays includes simple caulking instructions and tips. “This is something almost anyone can do,” Davis said. “In just a couple hours, you can give yourself years of comfort and save energy and money.”

Upcoming Winterization Challenge projects will include insulating outlets and light switches, plugging basement leaks, insulating rim joists and more.

For more information, contact Davis at melissa@newpowertour.com or 906-281-5986.

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