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Tamarack City housefire does extensive damage

At 1:27 Friday afternoon, a call came into Tamarack City Fire about a blaze in the upper levels of a home at the corner of M-26 and Sixth Street. Chief Stephen Klein says damage was extensive.

There’s actually a full third floor, got a finished floor. The floor is gone. The second level, heavy smoke, fire and water damage. It got into the walls and we had to tear all the walls down, the ceilings down. In my opinion, it’s a total loss. There’s no coming back from that one.

The fire originated near the top of the stairs on the second floor and is believed to be electrical in nature. Tamarack City Fire asked for assistance from the Hubbell, Lake Linden and Calumet Township departments, along with Mercy EMS. Firefighters used ladders to attack the flames from two different directions. After breaking windows on the north and west sides of the home, they were able to corral the fire enough to bring in reinforcements from the first floor to extinguish it completely.

The supporting departments were on scene for roughly an hour. Tamarack City Fire remained until approximately 3:15 PM.

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