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Teachers Unions Question Snyder on Education

Ahead of Governor Rick Snyder’s State of the State Address Thursday, teachers unions are criticizing the governor’s education policies. Governor Snyder is expected to highlight some of his successes and future plans for education in Michigan during this week’s speech, but some education advocates are criticizing Snyder’s record of public education policies. President of the American Federation of Teachers, David Hecker, says while the governor says he values education, his budget reflects different values. He says during Snyder’s first year in office, he slashed higher education funding by 15 percent while at the same time, he cut one billion-dollars from the school aid fund to help pay for his corporate tax giveaway.
Last year, Governor Snyder put 65 million-dollars into early childhood education. But Michigan Education Association spokesman Doug Pratt says it was paid for with funding syphoned out of the School Aid Fund. He says it’s time the governor and other lawmakers in Lansing value all levels of education, not just early childhood programs.

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