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The Experience of Volunteering with CopperDog 150

Volunteers heard many thank you’s all weekend, from mushers as they passed by with their teams. This year was a success for both those that won their race and those who safely guided teams at road crossings. Getting involved with CopperDog can become a yearly activity for some of the volunteers. Frank Ozanich, has been working with CopperDog for a few years, and now he’s in charge of his own crossing. Each day, he said, comes with its own challenges but it’s always rewarding to meet new people and see old friends.

“And the longer you get involved with it, at a lot of the crossing you don’t. But a lot of the dog handlers, and like myself, doing the checking people in. I’ve met a lot of these people and over the years you become antiquated with them.” – Frank Ozanich, #214 Garden City Rd. Lead Volunteer

Making friends on the trail or at the gate is always a fun time. And is an added bonus to seeing those incredible athletes pulling that sled. Each year more than 600 volunteers guide teams out of the shoot, or help teams cross the roads safely. While the weather may not have been the best this year, the good times with new friends are a staple for every race. CopperDog race coordinators are planning a volunteer appreciation event. If you volunteered this year, look out for an email in the next few days.

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