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Trump In Michigan

Donald Trump brought his campaign to Michigan Tuesday.

An enthusiastic crowd of more than 2,000 packed into the Birch Run Expo Center to hear Trump speak.

The GOP front-runner talked about bringing jobs back to the U.S., strengthening the military and building a wall along the Mexican/U.S. border to curb illegal immigration.

Trump, who has come under fire for controversial statements about Mexicans and women, says he’s confident he’ll get the Latino vote and added he will be strong on women’s issues.

Trump’s speech was part of a fundraising event for the Genesee County and Saginaw County Republican parties.


A tame protest, 50 to 60 people strong, greeted those traveling to the Birch Run Expo Center to see presidential candidate Donald Trump speak at a county GOP fundraiser.

They shouted things like, “Mr. Hate, leave our state,” and held signs reading “Welcome to the Retrumplican party.”

Rosendo Rocha is a veteran and chairs the Michigan Democrat’s Hispanic Latino Caucus and says Trump should make better use of his time in the spotlight.

He says veterans like himself fought to ensure Trump has the freedom to speak as freely as he has and instead of talking about how to better things for veterans he’s chosen to attack Latino’s and women.

Most people driving past the protesters honked while a few shouted Trump’s catchphrase “you’re fired” at the group.

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