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Underwater and Shoreline Archeology Presentation at GLRC Tomorrow

State Maritime Archaeologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Wayne Lusardi, will present “Aviation Maritime Archaeology in Michigan” at 10 am tomorrow. The talk will highlight research opportunities to study underwater and shoreline archaeology and natural systems.

Balloons, biplanes, helicopters, fixed wing monoplanes, jet aircraft, even rockets and satellites, represent historically unique aircraft that have been lost in the lakes. Over 1,100 aircraft have crashed in the waters of the Great Lakes beginning in the late 19th century. Although many wrecks were recovered immediately following the accidents, many hundreds are still missing beneath the waters.

In addition to Lusardi’s role as State Maritime Archaeologist, he is an Artifact Conservator with the DNR. For over 30 years he has participated in the documentation of hundreds of shipwrecks all across the United States and Caribbean. He has also investigated historic aircraft wreck sites, both on land and underwater. He has led multiple expeditions to lower Lake Huron, where a Bell P39 Airacobra flown by Tuskegee Airman Lt. Frank H. Moody crashed during World War II. Lusadri’s seminar is held in the GLRC building room 202, at 10 am tomorrow.


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