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Union Backing Proposal One

The state’s largest union has joined the yes vote campaign to fix Michigan’s roads with a one-cent sales tax increase.

AFL-CIO President Karla Swift says it’s not everyday that business and labor agree on major economic issues, but this is an area where it’s easy to find common ground.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who has had his differences with labor, welcomed the endorsement saying it shows that the coalition of more than 100 groups is a broad one and demonstrates what happens when everyone works together for a common goal.

Twelve Michigan sheriffs are serving as co-chairs of the Safe Roads Yes! Coalition because of the public safety ramifications of Proposal One.

The head of the Small Business Association says his organization will not contribute to the advertising budget for a yes vote, but he will communicate his own message to members. Rob Fowler says talk about public safety is not what appeals to small business and will focus instead on the economic consequences of a no vote.

Voters will decide the issue at the polls on May 5th.

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