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Update On Escanaba Power Plant

It was three weeks ago that an explosion rocked Escanaba’s electric substation at the city’s power plant, causing massive power outages that left the city in the dark for parts of two days.

City Manager Jim O’Toole says the city is recovering from the incident, and the process of building a temporary substation is going well. He says the city Electric Department is in the process of ordering the parts, and the substation should be ready by the middle of March.

According to O’Toole, they can then return the portable substation that’s been leased from Wisconsin Electric for the past three weeks. He says the insurance carrier is sending a team to Escanaba to look at the claim that the city has filed.

As for Escanaba’s electric load on the westside substation, O’Toole says the city is not “normal” but the city is “stable”.

Two weeks ago, the Escanaba City Council authorized the spending of up to a million dollars to help recover from the explosion. The cause of the blast has not yet been determined.

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