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WE Energies, Cliffs Agree to End SSR Payments

A deal has been struck by WE Energies and Cliffs Natural Resources. Last week, WE Energies had been accused of double-dipping by many organizations, including the governor’s office. Then earlier this week, We Energies said that to protect its other customers, it cannot stop collecting SSR payments without a long-term agreement with Cliffs. And now Cliffs is on board as a power customer through the sale of the Presque Isle Power Plant to UPPCO. As a result, We Energies has approached the Midcontinent Independent Systems Operator about ending System Support Resource payments dating back to February 1st. This still leaves Cloverland Electric potentially footing two months worth of costs, amounting to $4.6 million. We Energies has filed an argument with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking that Cloverland Electric not have to pay any additional costs.

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