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Wind Turbine Lawsuit

Heritage Sustainable Energy is suing Schoolcraft County in the Upper Peninsula over new wind turbine regulations that the company says are too restrictive.

In the complaint, the company says the restrictions take away its personal property rights by depriving it of its economically beneficial use of leases, easements and generator interconnection agreement in Schoolcraft County.

The company contends that no wind energy system would be permitted under the current guidelines. The county enacted the regulations six months ago.

Heritage does not have wind turbines in Schoolcraft County but are testing to see if turbines would be feasible in the Cooks area.

Heritage does have 14 wind turbines on the Garden Peninsula in neighboring Delta County.

Delta County is looking at a possible wind turbine ordinance of its own. Residents of the Garden Peninsula have been attending county board meeting to advocate restrictions of additional turbines in the county.

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