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Obituary: Pamela Margaret Hanson

As received from the Erickson Crowley Peterson Funeral Home:

Pamela Margaret Hanson, age 74, passed away on May 31, 2023 at Our Lady of Mercy in Hubbell, Michigan. 

“There were many sides of Pam’s personality, some that people never knew.
She wrote ditties for friends and special occasions. This one is for you, Pam – it’s only fitting that you have one too.

Pam Hanson is with us, but not in a physical manner. Her voice lives within us, beseeching us to be kind.
She was accepting, generous, almost too trusting, and lived her life as she was so inclined.

She brought us all together, to remember her life well spent.
Her life of friendship and adventure, with happiness from people and places she went.

Sports were important to Pam, she played basketball, softball, and swam.
She saw the Warriors and Giants quite often, and excelled at ping pong, happy as a clam.

Pam had a love of traveling, to places near and far –
Amsterdam, Australia, Samoa, and Norway, but in California, always by car.

She usually visited people or traveled with friends that she liked.
She loved restaurants, museums and concerts, but wasn’t really up for a hike.

Pam’s generous heart shone brightly through gifts, loans, time, or a place to live.
She took friends and employees on vacations. This was her loving nature and how she loved to give.

Pam was thankful and grateful for all kindnesses, support, and help she received.
She expressed her love daily, phoning family and friends often, to tell them how she believed.

Pam had a love of communicating, maintaining a kinship with people she knew.
Her letters, cards, and phone calls are now memories of connections so true.

Her voice was pleasant and uplifting as she interviewed folks for her radio show.
She loved to emcee festivals and any event her town would throw.

Pam had a love of music, starting in high school where she sang in the Girls Glee Club.
She took Margo to see Jim Morrison and The Doors, at a downtown Cleveland pub.

Pam spun records at KERG radio, playing upbeat “Womanly Waves” each week for an hour.
She joined Diana Ross onstage in Las Vegas. Pam was certainly no wallflower!

For the local Garberville paper, Pam wrote the Question of the Week.
She found people with all sorts of answers and gave them a chance to speak.

Pam spoke out for animals, always taking in strays.
She put her words into actions, starting a nonprofit on her spare days.

Her Action for Animals group was a first attempt to assist them.
Then The Humane Society of the Redwoods was the place where none could resist them.

Pam never met a dog or cat she didn’t like and found solace walking with them to the river.
They were all well-behaved, even her feral cat, as they knew she was the best-ever caregiver.

Pam supported many fundraisers and enjoyed the notoriety associated with that.
She met Joan Baez, Maria Muldaur and Danny Glover, and backstage with Jane Fonda she would chat.

Pam’s greatest hobby was people (plus animals), and she brought joy and humor to many a meeting.
She was president of Soroptimist for years, and winning Woman of Distinction was a legacy worth keeping.

Not one to rest on her laurels, she oversaw the planting of trees along Garberville’s main street.
She championed a Peace Garden project to a national convention, and its Washington fruition was quite a feat.

Her first job was in department store sales, then she succeeded at driving a cab.
When a small café came up for sale in California, she thought “Why not take a stab?”

Pam’s parents believed in her tenacity, taking out a mortgage to help with her dreams.
Woodrose was named after her father. She served wholesome food and delicious organic greens.

Pam’s vision was successful, soon a gathering place for all, including parents and teens.
She hired people based on their horoscope and used the place for her many schemes.

Halloween was Pam’s favorite day. No one recognized her costume as a waitress well-groomed.
April Fools was planned far in advance, when Tom was really convinced she was doomed.

Pam told Tom she had found a supplier to print counterfeit five-dollar bills.
He fell for it hit hook, line, and sinker, believing she would actually do it for thrills.

The joke was on him when the County Sheriff walked in the café’s main door.
Pam was placed in handcuffs, and Tom’s heart sank since he thought she was done for.

Away she went in the backseat of the squad car, with Tom frantic and unable to move.
When enough time had passed, Pam burst through the door saying “April Fools Tom! This one’s on you!”

Pam’s sense of humor, living life to the fullest, her joy in the moment, and “old-fashioned” ways
made her approachable, endearing, and unforgettable for all of her lifelong days.

Another side of Pam that people may not know, is her faith and belief in Jesus.
The power of prayer was shown to her, and she was comforted knowing He sees us.

Pam had a very loving side, with many cherished lifelong friends.
She loved her family, especially niece Randi, and her love to her she would always send.

Pam wanted to live, even at the end, and didn’t complain about her lot in life.
Her ideas had turned into reality, she touched people with hospitality, and her existence was one without strife.

Now that she’s gone and the winter of her life has passed, we reflect on what her presence meant.
Tell those close to you that you love them, thank them for any small kindness, call people to reach them, and live your life with intent.”

Written with loving memories by Pam’s sister Margo Olsen

The Erickson-Crowley-Peterson Funeral Home will be assisting the family. Online condolences may be left at www.ericksoncrowleypeterson.com.

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