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Governor Whitmer Updates State On COVID-19 Battle

Governor Whitmer held a press conference earlier this morning, updating the state on her latest efforts, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The highlights included President Trump approving her request for a disaster declaration,  the state’s new volunteer website, to help battle COVID-19 and increased unemployment benefits. The state has also received …

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New Michigan Volunteer Website To Combat COVID-19

In the ongoing efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Whitmer, along with Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, launched a new volunteer website, which allows trained medical professionals to register to serve fellow Michiganders by assisting hospitals in battling COVID-19. Residents can also use the site to find …

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Governor Whiter Relaxes Scope Of Practice Laws

Governor Whitmer has signed an executive order, relaxing scope of practice laws, giving hospitals and other healthcare facilities flexibility to successfully deploy qualified physician assistants, nurses and other healthcare providers to combat COVID-19. The order also reinforces an existing law, which protects hospitals and healthcare workers from liability for taking …

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