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Following Resignations, Hancock School Board Moves Ahead

UPDATE: the Hancock Public Schools Board of Education appointed Catherine Jordan and Dale Kero to fill the board vacancies at a special meeting held March 21, 2019. The Hancock School Board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Kipp Beaudoin at their regular meeting Monday. Beaudoin will be leaving after this school …

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Hancock Schools Reopen As Repairs Continue

Students in Hancock Schools are back in the classrooms Tuesday though some temporary changes are in place while repair work continues at Barkell Elementary. Last Thursday, a portion of the roof collapsed under the weight of heavy ice and snow, causing all schools in the Hancock District to dismiss students …

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Michigan Tech Celebrating World Water Day

Water is our most precious resource and there are several events planned to celebrate and bring awareness to issues related to H2O. International World Water Day is held annually on March 22nd and Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center will be hosting the festivities starting this Wednesday. Michigan Tech’s Val …

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