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Job Seekers Meet Face To Face With Employers At Keweenaw Job Fair

In today’s tough employment market…job seekers need all the help they can get.  That’s why Finlandia University teamed up with Michigan Works! and the Finlandia CEO club to host the 2nd Annual Keweenaw Job Fair. With 38 potential employers looking to hire, Michigan Works! Megan Van Karsen says this is …

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Coffee With A Cop In Mohawk

For a lot of people, the only time they talk to a police officer is in a situation that involves showing their drivers license, registration and proof of insurance. But it’s law enforcement’s mission to protect and serve.  So to help bridge that gap, officers from the Michigan State Police …

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U.P. Man Sentenced For Abusing His 4-Month Old Child

A Dickinson County man is headed to prison after being sentenced twenty-three months to ten years for child abuse. 27-year old Ryan Barr was convicted of second degree child abuse in front of another child. Barr address Judge Mary Barglind in court. Judge Barglind said the report shows there were …

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