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Help Needed At Houghton County Fair

Want to help out with this summer’s Houghton County Fair? The folks at the fair are looking for one or two volunteers to be superintendents in the Floriculture Department in the Open Indoor Division. The job would entail taking in entries before the fair begins, sorting the exhibits into classes …

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Latest Cougar Sighting In U.P.

The Department of Natural Resources has verified video evidence of a cougar in Upper Michigan. According to the DNR Wildlife Division, this is the 28th time that cougar evidence has been verified in the U.P. since 2008. The footage was taken by two hunters from Remus with the use of …

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Fire Safety Concerns During Cold Weather

With the winter of 2015 wearing on with increasingly frigid temperatures, State Fire Marshal Richard Miller is urging fire safety for all Michiganders, especially the elderly who are most at risk when it comes to fire. Miller says that non-working or missing smoke alarms are the common reasons for many …

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