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Costs Primary Factor In Buying Health Insurance

A new study says cost is the most important issue individuals consider when buying health insurance. The University of Michigan-based Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation released the study that found 92 percent of people buying individual coverage health insurance said some aspect of a policy’s cost such as premiums, …

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Sin Taxes Bringing In More Than Business Taxes

A Detroit News analysis of tax data shows smokers and drinkers paid more taxes last year than Michigan companies paid in net business income taxes. According to the newspaper, revenue from so-called sin taxes on tobacco, beer, wine and liquor totaled $290.5 million in the 2014 fiscal year, more than …

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New State Energy Agency Announced

A new agency coordinating the state’s energy programs is now in place. The Michigan Agency for Energy will focus on coordinating efforts and decisions as the state looks to replace retiring coal-fired power plants with newer, cleaner sources. The agency was created through an executive order signed by Governor Snyder …

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