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Voting Equipment To Be Replaced

The state is beginning to replace outdated voting equipment. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson says her office has started the process to upgrade the system used in all 48-hundred precincts, noting it is over a decade old. Johnson says the equipment has “served us well,” but is starting to show …

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Analyst Says Gas Prices Headed Below $2.00

What if gas prices fell below two dollars per gallon in Michigan? says that the average price of gas in Michigan could be down to $1.98 per gallon before the end of the year. Gasbuddy’s Patrick DeHahn says Michigan and up to 19 other states could see a sub-two …

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Trust In Government And Right To Work Addressed In Poll

Do you trust your government? The latest Michigan State University State of the State survey shows 41-percent of respondents trust their local leaders but that that number drops sharply when asked about their state and federal leaders. Doctor Charles Ballard, an MSU economics professor and director of the survey, says …

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