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SEMCO Warns Against Deceptive Telemarketers

SEMCO Energy is warning its natural gas customers about possible deceptive telemarketing tactics that are targeting its customers. The gas company has received numerous complaints from customers being called by people claiming to be with SEMCO Energy. The telemarketers offer to put SEMCO customers on a special rate, asking for …

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Problems Arise In Baraga County Drug Cases As Trials Near

Three cases in a large December drug bust in Baraga County have hit a snag. 41-year-old Thomas Bianco, 55-year-old Brenda Maki and 32-Corey Haataja appeared in Baraga County Circuit Court for pretrials. Bianco is charged with delivery or manufacture of suboxone and has a trial scheduled for July 23rd. Bianco’s …

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Fastest-flying birds in the world recently banded on Isle Royale

Peregrine falcons can dive for prey at speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour, making them the fastest-flying bird in the world. Recently on Isle Royale National Park, Department of Natural Resources and National Park Service staff members banded three 4-week-old chicks. The chicks were in an eyrie, or natural …

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