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MI GOP Chair Staying Out Of The Trump Talk

Many Republicans in Michigan are throwing their hands in the air over the fact that Donald Trump has remained a frontrunner in most polling. They argue that, among other things, Trump’s ideology leans Democratic on many issues. Other GOP faithful cringe at the notion Trump could be their party’s standard …

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Bills Ban Animal Abusers From Adopting Pets

Legislation designed to keep people convicted of animal abuse or neglect from getting a pet cleared the state Senate Thursday. Under the two-bill package, a person with animal abuse or neglect offenses on their record would be prohibited from adopting a pet for five years. Legislative sponsor, State Senator Rick …

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Bill To Regulate Drones Passes Michigan House

Lawmakers in the Michigan House have given the thumbs up to regulating the recreational use of drones. They passed a bill Thursday outlining where you can and cannot fly one. The bill’s sponsor, State Representative Kurt Heise, says under the legislation you couldn’t use a drone to interfere with first …

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