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MI Dems Remain Opposed to No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform Proposals

As Republicans hash out their differences over the summer on no-fault insurance reform, Democrats are lining up against the two proposals before the legislature. One bill would make changes to no-fault auto insurance statewide while a second would only impact people living in Detroit and other big cities. Senate Minority …

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Heavy Rains Causing Mosquito Population to Explode

Rain, rain go away – so the mosquitoes will too. Howard Russell, an entomologist at Michigan State University, says heavy rains over the last few weeks have caused the mosquito population to explode and they won’t let up until the rain does. Russell says there are enough different kinds of …

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Michigan Gets $5.5B for Trianing and Prevention Against Ebola

Michigan will use a $5.5 billion federal grant to help better prepare the state against threats like Ebola. The state Department of Health and Human Services says the money will be used for training and prevention at hospitals across the state with more of the funding going to the state’s …

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