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New Law Strips Welfare Benefits Of Families With Truant Children

Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that will strip welfare recipients of their benefits if their kids consistently skip school. The Michigan Department of Human Services has been tying Family Independence Program benefits to attendance since October of 2012. Now there is a law to back it up. The bill …

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Lawmaker’s Summer Break Approaching

Lawmakers in the Michigan House have three more days to get some last-minute bills passed before summer break. They’re taking three weeks off after next week’s session. House Speaker Kevin Cotter isn’t saying what, if anything, his chamber will try to move next week. House Democrats, however, think lawmakers should …

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Phone Scam In Marquette

Marquette City Police are warning residents of a phone scam in the area. The department says people are getting scam calls that appear on their caller ID as “Marquette Police Department” with the department’s phone number, also known as caller ID “spoofing”. The caller then says the department is investigating …

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