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Subtle Earthquake Aftershock Hits Lower Michigan

A 3.3 magnitude earthquake rattled western Michigan Tuesday. The small quake was centered in Union City, which is about 20 miles south of Battle Creek. The U-S Geological Survey tells the Michigan Radio Network the quake was an aftershock of a 4.2 magnitude quake in the same area in early …

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Obama Changes Overtime Law

A new rule change in Washington could allow up to 100,000 more workers in Michigan to claim overtime pay. The change, announced by the Obama administration on Tuesday, will allow certain salaried workers who make up to about $50,000 per year, to claim overtime. Currently the threshold limit is set …

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“Death Star” Bill Signed Into Law

Legislation dubbed by opponents as the “Death Star” bill, which would block local governments from setting their own wage, benefits or leave requirements on local employers, has been signed into law by the governor. The bill would not affect ordinances already in place. Democrats opposed the measure, saying local governments …

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