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Ambassador Restaurant Celebrates 50 Years

A downtown Houghton restaurant is celebrating 50 years in the same location and owned by the same family. The Ambassador became a restaurant when the Rossi family took over in 1965. State Representative Scott Dianda presented a tribute marking the milestone, which was also signed by Governor Rick Snyder and …

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Adoption Day In Houghton

Hundreds of children in Michigan are in foster care and in need of a home. People thinking about adoption often don’t know where to even start. Adoption Day events, like the one held Tuesday in Houghton, provide those people a place to come and learn about the process. The event …

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Coast Guard Still Working To Clear Chemical Out Of Sunken Barge

Coast Guard crews have begun the tedious process of pulling 10,000 gallons of chemicals from an old shipwreck sitting at the bottom of Lake Erie. The Argo sank in 1937 with 4,700 barrels of petroleum-based chemicals on board. An amateur diver discovered the wreck in August, and also noticed a …

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