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Governor Signs Bill to Help Those who Inherit a gun

The governor Tuesday signed into law a bill to make it easier for those who inherit a handgun to sell it. Under current law, a person in Michigan must be licensed to possess a pistol, but bill sponsor, state Senator Mike Shirkey says there’s some ambiguity when it concerns getting …

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Airports Are Offering Tips To Help Thanksgiving Travelers

With people packing into the airports to get to their holiday destinations Wednesday, the airports are offering some tips to make the trip a little easier. Tara Hernandez is a spokeswoman at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. She says the best thing a traveler can do to ensure a …

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Medical Marijuana Caregivers Reform

Law enforcement officials would like to see changes to the caregiver model, under Michigan’s medical marijuana law. Voters approved the state’s medical marijuana law in 2008, which created a system of caregivers and patients, but not dispensaries. But bills moving through the legislature would allow for dispensaries, tax them at …

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