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Blue Alert Bill Sent to Governor

Legislation is headed to the governor aimed at helping to catch suspects who injure or kill a police officer. The legislation would create a Blue Alert System. It would work much like the Amber Alert to inform the public about suspects involved in an incident when an officer is hurt …

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State Urging Michigan Citizens to get the Flu Shot now

The state is urging people in Michigan to go out and get a flu shot. Doctor Eden Wells of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says they’ve already confirmed four cases of influenza since October 4th, the beginning of the flu season. She says it takes two weeks …

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Legislators React To Charter School Spending Report

A state House Democrat and member of the House appropriations committee says the state and federal government needs to do better monitor how money is allocated to charter schools in light of a new report released Wednesday by the Wisconsin-based Center for Media and Democracy. The report found at least …

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