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Houghton begins winter water policy

Taps in some homes will be on for the next two months. The City of Houghton maintains a comprehensive list of service lines, those going from the road into a residence, that are prone to freezing. For customers at those homes, they will be receiving packets in the mail in …

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Planning Commission request approved by City Council

Wednesday’s Houghton City Council meeting delved into an eclectic mix of subjects. The most pressing orders of business involved resolutions 2021-1772 through 2021-1775 which involved the paying of various bills. After those were approved unanimously, each council member was allowed to bring up items that they felt deserved discussion. City …

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Accidents pile up on snowy roads

Yesterday afternoon, our Facebook page had photos and video from multiple crashes in Hancock and nearby Franklin Township. Whiteout conditions were wreaking havoc in Houghton as well. City Police Chief John Donnelly spoke at Wednesday night’s council meeting saying that for the first time, the storms from the past week …

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