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Trolley Tours at the Carnegie Museum

Have you ever wanted to ride an old-fashioned trolley around Houghton? The Carnegie Museum is holding their second round of trolley tours this Thursday and this time the tour will be looking at the geology of the Houghton area. The tour will begin at the Carnegie Museum and will be …

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Studies Show Biking Helps Economy

The Copper Country is well-known for its many biking trails and not only is it good for your health but it helps the economy as well. According to a study commissioned by the Michigan Department of Transportation, bicycling is responsible for a $668 million annual impact on Michigan’s economy. The …

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Marquette Organizations Fighting to Keep Glacial Copper

The largest piece of glacial copper in the world is on display in the Upper Peninsula, and a community group is raising money to protect it. The 28-ton piece of copper in Marquette’s Presque Isle Park has been on loan to the community, but the owners want to be paid …

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