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MTU Peace Corps Ranked #1

For the ninth year in a row, Michigan Technological University ranks as the number one university nationwide for the number of Peace Corps Master’s International students currently serving as Peace Corps volunteers. Michigan Tech has 32 graduate students overseas, earning the University top spot on the Peace Corps’ annual ranking …

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Escanaba Power Plant May Be Shut Down

Escanaba voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum on Tuesday that would allow the city to close the power plant if the sale to Escanaba Green Energy falls through. Mayor Marc Tall says he is “gratified” that the referendem passed, by a vote of 509 to 229. That was well above the …

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Gay Marriage Ballot Initiative

Supporters of gay marriage are expected to kick off a campaign today for a 2016 ballot initiative to legalize gay marriage in Michigan. The Detroit News reports organizers of the “Michigan for Marriage” campaign will launch petition drives in Metro Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids. In March, U.S. District Judge …

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