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Physical Therapy Without a Referral

The State Senate has unanimously approved legislation allowing Michigan patients to seek out and initiate physical therapy treatment without first receiving a referral from a physician. The sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator John Moolenaar of Midland, says currently, Michigan residents who have an injury that requires physical therapy first …

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Renewable Energy Could Create Jobs

A recent study indicates that increasing the renewable energy standard in Michigan could support between 20,000 or 40,000 jobs. The study was conducted by The Hill Group, Incorporated, and commissioned by the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum, which supports a higher renewable energy standard. The report found a 15 percent renewable …

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Seniors Healthy in Michigan

Michigan’s older residents are getting healthier overall and the state’s ranking on the basis of senior citizen health has improved to 20th from 26th. According to a national survey released by the United Health Foundation, the state ranked 17th in terms of the overall health of older residents. Michigan ranked …

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