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Hancock Leaves, Grass Clippings & Small Branches Pick-Up

If you missed today’s pick-up of leaves, grass clippings and small branches today in the City of Hancock, you’ll get another chance next Monday. Leaves and branches should be placed at curbside prior to 7:00 am. The City will only pickup leaves and grass clippings if they are placed in …

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Ice Cream Sundae World Record Attempt In Michigan

A small community in Barry County may now hold the title for the world’s longest ice cream sundae. It took 192 volunteers about 10 minutes to build a 1,800 foot ice cream sundae down the center of M-66 in Nashville, Michigan on Saturday, surpassing the Guinness world record by 28 …

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Democrats Call For Progressive Tax Rate

A recent poll in Michigan showed clear bipartisan support for changing Michigan’s income tax from a flat rate to a graduated rate. Currently Michigan is among just a handful of states with a flat income tax rate. But Michigan House Democrat Jim Townsend of Royal Oak is proposing a constitutional …

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