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Supplemental Budget Bill

The state House has approved a supplemental budget bill that includes $215 million for road funding, $100 million of which would go toward winter road maintenance. The House voted yesterday to pass its version of the Senate bill that scales back on spending approved by the upper-chamber. Among other changes, …

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Barware with Logos Now Allowed

Restrictions on the use of “logoed” barware at Michigan pubs and restaurants are eased, under a measure approved by a Michigan House Committee on Tuesday. For many years, Michigan bars and restaurants were prohibited from serving with items that have brewer and distiller logos. The bill, which now goes to …

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E-Cig Use Up Among Teens

A federal study found e-cigarette experimentation more than doubled among middle and high school students between 2011 and 2012 – meaning nearly two million young people have tried them. E-cigarettes are not regulated like traditional tobacco, and the state legislature is considering whether or not these should be exempt from …

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