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Scalping Bill Approved

It would be legal to re-sell game or concert tickets above face value, under a measure approved by the Michigan House on Thursday. Current law prohibits selling above face value without the written consent of the event operator and the venue operator. The measure, which now goes to the senate, …

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New Budget Proposal for Schools

Superintendents, school leaders, parents and other public school advocates across Michigan have unveiled the “Classrooms and Kids” budget proposal that places an emphasis on putting resources into the classroom. Backers say the proposal provides $250-$291 per pupil by eliminating $186 million in line-item spending that benefits a limited number of …

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Graudation Rates Up

There’s a bit of good news today regarding graduation rates for high schoolers. The Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information reports that graduation rates increased by seven-tenths of a percentage point in 2013, compared to 2012. Overall, the graduation rate in 2013 was 76.96 %. In addition, the dropout …

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