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Propane Emergency Extended

The propane energy emergency declared by Governor Snyder several weeks ago has been extended. Record low temperatures, heavy snowfall, pipeline issues and other factors have combined for a shortage that is driving prices sky-high. Snyder’s emergency order is in effect through Tuesday, February 11th. It allows motor carriers and drivers …

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Governor to Unveil Budget This Week

The governor’s budget proposal to be unveiled this week, will include a 322-million dollar spending increase in K-12 schools, although most of it will got toward mandatory school retirement costs. The Detroit Free Press, citing sources in the state budget office, reports that the governor’s overall proposal will represent a …

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US-DOT Looking into Comms Between Cars

State Transportation Director Kirk Steudle is endorsing a decision by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to move forward with vehicle-to-vehicle communication for light vehicles, calling it a good decision for Michigan and for transportation safety. The US-DOT is currently sponsoring a pilot safety …

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