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Legalizing Scalping Discussed

State lawmakers are again considering a measure to legalize ticket scalping in Michigan. The measure, before a state House committee Tuesday, would repeal a 1931 state law that prohibits a person from selling sports or entertainment tickets for a profit without approval from a venue operator. Bill sponsor, House Republican …

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Schuette Withdraws Subpoenas Served To Reporters

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is directing staff attorneys to withdraw subpoenas served to reporters for notes and materials collected in connection to a lawsuit against the Department of Corrections. Huffington Post political reporter Dana Liebelson, in a series of social media posts, said she had been served two subpoenas …

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Drones Approved For Use By MSP

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved requests from the Michigan State Police to be the first agency in the country to be authorized to fly drones statewide. State Police began training flights of the unmanned aircraft systems in February at the agency’s Lansing training academy. On February 25, the FAA …

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